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Our Team

Our Team


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Meet the crew



Moshe Kahn

Work: 9522 8217 Mobile: 0408 740 011
E-mail: mk@chabadyouth.org

Dina Kahn

Mobile: 0425 790 238

E-mail: dina@chabadyouth.org



Menachem and Miri Lipskier

Tzivos Hashem- Youth

Work: 9522 8222 Ext: 306
Mobile: 0423 553 896
Email: menachem@chabadyouth.org

Binyomin Kluwgant
Chabad Sparks- Youth & YJP

Work: 9522 8241

Mobile: 0403 061 505
E-mail: binyomin@csparks.org.au



Moshe and Chana Weiss
Chabad Campus- University

Work: 9522 8259 ♦ Mobile: 0425 770 960


Ellie Dembo

Ph: 9528- 8301
E-mail: office@chabadyouth.org

Tova Herszberg

Ph: 9522- 8274 E-mail: info@chabadyouth.org


Naomi Joseph
Events Coordinator

Ph: 9528- 8395 E-mail: admin@chabadyouth.org

Chabad Youth is proud to be accredited by the Australian Childhood Foundation in having best practice in child protection.


Dina Kahn
Child Care Coordinator


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