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Grand 11 Nissan Rally in honour of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's Birthday! 

(Winners- Bike: Rivka Ajzenschmidt. Back to Basics Set (Donated by the Rachmani Family): Sima Zeatz. Drone: Shnai & Eli Sabbach)

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12 Tammuz Shabbos Winners! Yossi Sufrin & Zissi Gould 

12-13 Tammuz Rally Winners! Chana Freida Stern, Mentchy Tayar, Shollie Korik 

 Tzivos Hashem Chof Av Rally!

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Previous Episodes of Clubs:

Lag Bomer Program and Edible Bonfires, with Dina   

Baking Soda and Vinegar Science with Miri  

Cheesecaking Making with the Schachters. Here's what you'll need.   

 Challah Cover/Doll Blanket Weaving with Becky  

Mini Chef with Dina, Pizza Snaps. Here's what you'll need. 

Purple Cabbage Science with Miri

Art Part with Becky part 1 and 2 

Mini-Chefs for Vegetable/Lentil Soup and Arayes with DL and Berri Schachter. Here is the link, and the ingredients and supplies to prepare. 

Mini Chefs with DL and Berri Schachter- Pizza and Knishes

Here's the list of what you'll need to prepare.  

Origami with Chaim Amzalak- all you need is paper 

Exercise with Arik- all you need is a broomstick  

Science with Miri & Mussia 

Exercise with Arik Part II- all you need is a broomstick