Chabad Youth provides a whole range of services for the community. If you require any of the following services, please call 9522 8274 or email [email protected] .

Year round

·         Home visits 

·         Hospital visits 

Rosh Hashanah

·         Apple and honey kits

·         Shofar blowing

·         Yom Tov uides


·         Lulav and Esrog Mivtzoim

·         Sukkah mobiles

·         Schach for your Sukkah


·         Megillah reading

·         Shalach Manos kits

·         Purim Guides


·         Matzah kits

·         Pesach guides

Mezuzah 2NeshekTorah Parchment (small)Menorah 2Korach SandwichPurim