Yad L’ezra – I Volunteer - Making a difference

 Miri Lipskier- Yad L’ezra-I Volunteer Directors

Shluchot- Coordinators 


The Yad L’Ezra-Helping Hand Program was founded and then directed by Mrs Chava Gurewicz for over 17 years. However, she wished to hand over the program to the Shluchot and in March of 2008 the all new Yad L’ezra – I Volunteer was launched. This program was instituted with the discovery that there was an imperative need for such a program in the school and that it would benefit the students enormously. Since then, more than 101 volunteers have been helping families, tutoring and visiting the aged.

Our Mission

Yad L’Ezra- iVolunteer aims to empower students to make a difference by volunteering in various ways for our community. Whether it be helping a home, tutoring a primary student, visiting the elderly or fundraising for tzeddakah; the students experience the beauty of giving. This promotes an atmosphere of giving within the school and ensures responsible, caring and compassionate individuals.

Our Program

With an outpouring of warmth and enthusiasm, students flocked to join this program after its inauguration in March of 2008, becoming the single largest volunteering initiative undertaken by Beth Rivkah students. Over 100 volunteers signed up to volunteer for different elements in our community and pledged to honour their commitment.

Students received welcome packages, attended orientation and training sessions, and are required to fill out slips after each volunteering session.

With over 100 strong volunteers this program has proven to be a resounding success making a world of difference to the community on a weekly basis.

Our Vision

We endeavour to create an environment for our students that will nurture and inspire them with meaning, purpose and self-value; a sense of connection to and responsibility for the greater community. We see this as essential to developing and producing the members and leaders of tomorrow’s Jewish community.

How to sign up

Girls wishing to volunteer can register by clicking here.