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Dear Parents, שיחיו

Chabad Youth is pleased to inform you that on Sunday, 2nd of September - 22 Elul, we will be restarting Sunday Cheder. Cheder is available for all girls from Prep- Grade 5.

Cheder is a weekly program that combines both learning and fun. The girls have the opportunity to learn extra Jewish and Chassidic studies in an exciting, warm and friendly environment.

The cost for Cheder Term 3 and 4 is $70.00 per girl*.

Cheder will take place on Sunday in Beth Rivkah Primary, from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon (including Davening) for the following ten weeks:

1. Sunday, 2nd September - 22 Elul

2. Sunday, 16th September - 7 Tishrei


3. Sunday, 7th October - 28 Tishrei

4. Sunday, 14th October – 5 Mar-Cheshvan

5. Sunday, 21st October – 12 Mar-Cheshvan

6. Sunday, 4th November – 26 Mar-Cheshvan

7. Sunday, 11th November – 3 Kislev

8. Sunday, 18th November – 10 Kislev

9. Sunday, 25th November – 17 Kislev

10. Sunday, 2nd December– 23 Kislev


 Please note no children will be allowed to attend cheder without previous registration, registration will not be accepted on a Cheder day.

 To register please click on the link below:

 *No Child should miss out due to financial limitations. Please contact Menachem Lipskier on 0423 553 896 for a confidential chat or email

Rabbi Menachem Lipskier