Primary Girls:

 Get your dancing shoes on! The Shluchot have prepared a great way to use your energy: shluchot dance.jpg 

In Beth Rivkah Primary, the shluchot have prepared a special program to prepare your very own gift in honour of the Rebbe's birthday. Watch the video to see just how it works!

Upon concluding the week’s program, submit here:


shluchot 11 nissan project cover.jpg 

 shluchot 11 nissan project page 1.jpg



shluchot 11 nissan project page 2.jpg

Secondary Girls:

 Secondary Shluchot bring to you: Torah Times Podcast!


Challah Bake! 

לעילוי נשמת הרב יהודה יעקב בן ר׳ אברהם אבא ז״ל





Hi Everyone! 

Here's the spot for you to go to check out links to upcoming programs!

1/2 Hour before each program, visit this site to get the live link!

We love you guys!

xx the Shluchot