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Yad L’ezra was established over 20 years ago in Beth Rivkah, to service the need for help in the community. High school girls were engaged to volunteer in assisting families within the community during the week, in whatever way they needed. Joining forces with Chabad Youth, Yad L’Ezra iVolunteer continued to grow to encompass other aspects of need within the community, and it now has 5 divisions with over 100 girls from Beth Rivkah High School involved on a weekly basis.

Yad L’ezra iVolunteer aims to empower students to make a difference by volunteering in various ways for our community. Whether it is helping in a home, tutoring or mentoring a primary student, visiting the elderly or fundraising for Tzedaka, students experience the beauty of giving. This promotes an atmosphere of giving and ensures responsible, caring and compassionate individuals.