Join us on Wednesday evening from 6:45 pm to 7 pm for our final Chanukah story for . Or scroll down this page to choose a story from our archives!

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Previous Episodes of G'night Chabad Youth:

It all Began with the Doormat, with Dina Kahn 

Eli and the Little White Lie, with Moshe Kahn

Avi, Who Loves You the Most of All, with Miri Lipskier

The Very Best Gift, with Menachem Lipskier 

 31 Cakes & Benny's Mitzva Notes, with Dina Kahn and Yossi Smollar 

 The Truth About Strength, with Moshe Kahn 

Motty From Paraguay, with Miri Lipskier  

I Go to the Ohel and The Greatest Call of All, with Menachem Lipskier  

 The Story of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza, with Moshe Kahn  

Tisha B'Av, with Menachem Lipskier 

The Secret of the Leaves, with Dina Kahn

Red Blue and Yellow Yarn, with Miri Lipskier

Gut Yom Tov, with Moshe Kahn

The King in the Field, with Menachem Lipskier  

The Happiness Box, with Dina Kahn 

The Place That I Love, with Moshe Kahn  

Time to Start a Brand New Year, with Miri Lipskier

The Story of Yonah, with Menachem Lipskier 

The Perfect Porridge, with Miri & Mussia Lipskier

Mannys a Thief, with Dina Kahn

The Money in the Honey, with Moshe Kahn 

Wherever We Go, with Menachem Lipskier 

Much, Much Better, with Miri & Chai Lipskier

As Big as an Egg, with Dina Kahn

Avi, the Happiest Boy Alive, with Menachem Lipskier

The Very Best Place for a Penny, with Moshe Kahn

A Chanukah Story for Night Number 3, with Miri & PM Lipskier 

Why the Moon Only Glows, with Miri and Mussia